Some Leave GO's


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1.  Memorandum No:13112,ACTS./67-2 Dt:1.3.1958 Compensatory Holidays

2.  GO.Ms.No:528 Dt:26.4.1961 Grant of Compensatory Leave in lieu of Optional Hoidays

3.  C.Memo No:86595/1210/F.R.I/7 Dt:29.5.1961 Prefixing and Suffixing of Holidays and vacation
including O.H and Compensatory Leave to un Earned Leave and Extra Ordinary Leave

4.  Memo.No:934/POLL-B/63-2 Dt:23.4.1963 Holidays Compensatory leave in lieu of the Holiday

5.  GO.Ms.No:47 Dt:19.2.1965 CL,SCL Staff Working in Vacation Department

6.  Rc.No:1115-G2/66 Dt:2.3.1966 Education Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in the vacation dept.
Grant of SCL

7.  Rc.No:1789/C2/65 Dt:11.4.1966 Education Secondary Grant of SCL to the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff working in the vacation

8.  GO.Ms.No:50 dt:1.2.1968 Compensatory Holidays for Panchayat Samithis and Z.Ps

9.  G.O.Ms.No.1415/HEALTH Dt:10.6.1968 Family Planning Programme Grant of special casual leave to all employees of local bodies, corporation etc

10. GO.Ms.No:802/HEALTH Dt:21.4.1972 Family Planning Programme Grant of special casual leave to a male Government servant  whose wife undergoes  a non-purperal  tubectomy operation  under the family planning programme

11. GO.Ms.No:181 Dt:16.6.1973 Accumulation and availment of privilege /Earned leave by last grade
government servants

12. Memo.No:20584/302/FR.I/74-1 Dt:12.9.1974 A.P.  Leave rules 1933 - Rule 23 a (i) eligibility for the  grant  of half pay leave to the temporary government  servants

13. GO.Ms.No:186 Dt:23.7.1975 Leave rules Liberalization of Orders Issued(Commuted Leave)

14. GO.Ms.No:384 Dt:5.11.1977 LEAVES RULES - Simplification(Earned Leave)

15. GO.Ms.No:183 Dt:21.7.1978 Extraordinary  Leave - Execution of Bonds by Government servant  -  Further orders -Issued

16. GO.Ms.No:34 Dt:27.1.1979 LEAVE RULES - Simplification - Amendment - Issued(Earned Leave)

17. GO.Ms.No:463 Dt:4.5.1979 Sanction of Maternity leave of 90 days women   teachers working in

Educational Institutions under Local Bodies and Aided Managements

18. GO.Ms.No:35 Dt:16.1.1981 Education  Drafting  of  teachers  during  holiday  for  enumeration,  census,  etc.,  -Reservation of Leave

19. GO.Ms.No:102 M&H. Dt:19.2.1981 Family welfare programme Grant of special casual leave to Government employees

20. GO.Ms.No:562 Dt:23.6.1981 Sanction  of  Maternity  leave  of  90  days  to  female  teachers  in

Government Educational Institution s

21. Lr.No:574 H1/81-1 Dt:15.7.1981 Holidays enhanced casual leave and optional holidays from 1981

applicability to teachers under all managements regarding

22. GO.Ms.No:1205,Edn. Dt:23.10.1981 Education Institutions Applicability of Casual Leaves and Optional Holidays Clarification

23. GO.Ms.No:10 Dt:24.1.1982 Leave Rules - Special Casual Leave - Deletion of existing provision  in  Annexure -VII Fundamental Rules

24. GO.Ms.No:10 Dt:10.1.1983 LEAVES RULES - Simplification of - Orders - Issued

25. GO.Ms.No:137 Dt:23.2.1984 Establishment Special Casual Leave to Blood Donors

26. Progs.L.Dis.No.1933/G3/83 Dt:30.3.1984 Esstablishment Secondary Education Z.P. Srikakulam Suffixing and prefixing summer vacation to extra ordinary leave certain clarification

27. G.O.Ms.No.219 Dt:25-6-1984 LEAVE RULES - Maternity Leave - Liberalization of - Amendment

28. G.O.Ms.No.291 Dt:13-8-1985 Leave Rules - Maternity leave Liberalization of -  amendment

29. G.O.Ms. No. 354 Dt:20.11.1989 Leave E.L. to the Teaching and Non -  Teaching staff working in schools Number or days of Earned leave enhanced 

30. Rc.No.1451/D1/2/90 Dt:31-12-1990 Education Secondary Number of Non-Teaching staff to be prevented from  enjoying the summer vacation

31. G.O.Ms.No.355 Dt:19.5.1991 General Elections to the House of the people, 1991 Drafting of Teaching staff durinsummer vacation for Election Duty Crediting of Earned Leave

32. Memo.No. 469/Ser.IV/92,Edn Dt:13-4-1992 Education Total Literacy Akshara  Deepam Preservation of leave for Teachers working  In total literacy programme

33. G.O.Ms.No.38 Dt:18-6-1992 Leave Rules - Maternity leave amendment

34. G.O.Ms.No. 166 Dt: 23-9-1992 Drawal  of full  D.A.  during half pay leave

35. G.O.Ms.No. 234 Dt: 27-5-1994 Enhancement  of limits of exgratia allowance to Government employees on extra-ordinary leave fortreatment forTuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer/Mental illness/Heart Diseases and Renal (Kidney) failures


36. G.O.Ms.No.317 Dt:15-9-1994 Public Services Earned Leave to the Teaching and Non-teaching staff working in Schools-Number of days of Earned Leave Enhanced

37. G.O.Ms.No.342 Dt: 30-9-1994 Encashment of  leave on Half Pay at the time of retirement of Government Employees

38. G.O.Ms.No.254 Dt:10-11-1995 Leave Rules Maternity Leave to Women Government Servants enhancement from 90 days to 120 days

39. G.O.Ms.No.283 Dt:27-12-1995 Leave Rules ñ Maternity leave to women Government servants enhancement from 90 to 120 days

40. G.O.Ms.No.374 Dt:16-03-1996 Education Department Sanction of 5 days Extra Casual Leaves for women Teachers
41. G.O.Ms.No.347 Dt: 3-8-1996 General Elections to the HOP, 1996 Drafting of Teaching staff during summer vacation for Election Duty ñ Crediting of Earned Leave

42. G.O.Ms. No. 214 Dt:3-9-1996 Public Service Grant of leave for five years to Government  servant to take up employment abroad
43. G.O.Ms. No.386 Dt:6-9-1996 A.P. Leave dues, 1933 Rule 29 of the A.P.L. Rules further liberalization of Orders
44. Rc.No.3683/C2-5/96 Dt:25-01-1997 Leave Rules Maternity Leave to Women Govt. servants Enhancement from 90 days to 120  days extension to teachers Reg
45. G.O.Ms.No.504 Dt:22-4-1998 School Education Appointment of Teachers as convenors / ward level Committee under Janmabhoomi w.e.f.24-4-98 to 9-5-98

46. G.O.Ms.No.515 Dt:25-4-1998 Public Services Prevention of Head masters from availing summer vacation during the academic year 1994-95 to 1996-97 -  Eligibility of Head Masters for preservation of 10 days Earned Leave in lieu of prevented summer vacation
47. U.O. Note No. 13127-A/113/FR.I/98 Dt:13-5-1998 PUBLIC  SERVICES  - Grant  of leave for  five  years  to  Government employees to take up employment abroad
48. Memo No. 21102  B/371/A2/F,R,I/98 Dt:7-8-1998 Public Services Grant of EOL on Medical Certificate Instruction Issued

49. G.O.Ms.No. 234 Dt:27-10-1998 Leave  on  Half  pay  - Encashment of Leave on Half  pay  at  the  time  of Retirement of Government employees

50. Memo No. 49578/905/PK.I/A2/98 Dt:23.02.1999 Leave on Half Pay - Encashment of Leave on half pay at the time of retirement of Government Employees
51. Memo.No.6590/Ser.V.1/2000 Dt:17-07-2000 Census of India, 2001 Reservation of Leave for teachers drafted During summer vacations for conducting the house listing Operation
52. G.O.Ms. No. 151 Dt:14-11-2000 Education Drafting of teachers during Holidays  Enumeration,Census etc.,- Preservation of Leave
53. Rc.No.390/E1/2000 Dt:4-4-2001 Examinations conduct of SSC supplementary examinations during summer Vacation  From 31-5-2000 to 13-6-2000 Instructions
54. Rc.No.221/E1/2001 Dt:10-4-2001 Examinations ñ conduct of SSC supplementary examinations during summer vacation From 25-5-2001 To 9-6-2001 - issue Instructions to the Head of Institutions including The clerical staff

Rc.No.Spl.JBB/E3/2002 Dt:21-5-2002 Janmabhoomi Education Department- Certain Instructions for the 17th round of Janmabhoomi from 1st to 10th June

Rc.No.29/C3-4/2003 Dt:25-01-2003 APSESS Maternity Leave Teachers who got promotions when they are in Maternity leave
57. Rc.No.221/E1/2001 Dt:10-4-2001 Examinations conduct of SSC supplementary examinations during summer vacation From 25-5-2001 To 9-6-2001 - issue Instructions to the Head of Institutions including The clerical staff
58. R.C.No.213/E1-1/2003 Dated:8-4-2004 Examinations conduct of S.S.C. Advanced supplementary
During summer vacation from 26-05-2004 to 08-06-2004 issue of Instructions to the Heads of Institutions including the clericalStaff

G.O.Ms.No.435 Dt:27-12-2004 General Elections to House of   the People/APLA,2004 Drafting of Teaching staff during summer vacation for Election duty Crediting of Earned Leave

MEMO.NO.3220/87/A1/PC-I/05  Dt.19-2-2005 Allowances ñ Dearness Allowance Admissibility of dearness  Allowances during Half Pay Leave certain clarification

Rc.No.97/E1-2/2005 Dt:21-4-2005 Elections conduct of Water Users Association Elections Declaring Holiday for the schools and to use school Building

G.O.Ms.No.231 Dt:16-9-2005 Public service Paternity Leave to Male Government Employees

D.O.Letter No.338/S1/2006, dt.30-3-2006 Intensified  Pulse Polio Immunization  Programme (IPPI) ñ9TH April, 2006 & 14th May, 2006 - Immunizing 100% children of 0-5 years against polio- Request for assistance in Social Mobilization, Publicity etc.,

G.O.RT.NO. 844 Dt:19-2-2010 Mass Casual Leave observed by the Employees, Teachers and Workers on 6-1-2010 as per the call given by the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers, AP Treating the Mass Casual Leave on 6-1-2010 as Special Casual Leave

G.O.Ms.No. 155 Dt:04.05.2010  Enhancement   of   limits   of   ex-gratia   allowance   to   Government employees on extraordinary leave for treatment for Tuberculosis / Leprosy/ Cancer/ Mental illness / Heart diseases and Renal (Kidney) Failure

66. Cir.Memo.No:20129-C/454/FR.I/2010 Dt:21.7.2010 Paternity Leave to Male Government Employees

67. Proc.Rc.No:174/E1-1/2010 Dt:22-11-2010 School Education-Election-Census-2010 sanction E.L in Summer Vacation to teachers

G.O.Rt.No. 114 Dt:10-1-2011 Chalo Hyderabad Programme on 23-11-2010 called by Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers of Andhra Pradesh – Treating the absence of the Employees, Teachers and Workers on 23-11-2010 in connection with the said programme as Special Casual Leave

G.O.Rt.No. 116 Dt:10-1-2011 Country-wide strike for one day on 7-9-2010 as per the call given by the All  India  State  Government  Employees  Federation   Treating  the  absence  of  the  Employees, Teachers and Workers of Andhra Pradesh on 7-9-2010 in connection with the one day strike as Special Casual Leave

70. Rc.No. 6240/ RVM/ B2/2010 Dt:05-02-2011 APRVM, Hyderabad - Conduct of Training Programme to the newly recruited SGTs, SAs & LPs from 801 -12th January, 2011 - Sanction of CCLs to the teachers attended for the programme

71. GO.Ms.No:52 Dt:1.4.2011 Spl Leave to Women Govt Employees Who Undergo Hysterectomy operation for a Period of 45days as recommended by CIVIL Surgeon

Rc.No.212/E1-2/2011 Dt:07-05-2011 School Education-Teacher training Programmes under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA) held in the year 2010Preservation of Earned Leave for the teachers attended training programmes

Rc.No.132/E1-1/2008 Dt: 09-06-2011 School Education Conduct of SSC Advanced Supplementary Examinations, May/June, 2011 Instructions issued to all the Heads of schools including Clerical staff and Office Sub-ordinates to be present during Summer Vacation
74.Cir.Memo.No.14781-C/278/FR.I/2011 Dt:22-6-2011 E.L.   Surrender  of  Earned  Leave  -  Encashment  during  the financial year 2011-2012
75. Rc.No. 2038/C1/APOSS/2011 Dt: 30 -08-2011 SSC (APOSS) Pubic Examinations Preservation of Earned leave for Teaching & non teaching staff who have involved in conducting of Examinations in summer vacations

76.Rc.212/B2/KGBV/2009 Dt:4.4.2012 KGBV CRTs are eligible for 120 days Meternity Leave without paying remuneration